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Friday, October 17, 2008

Labour minister says something sensible

The Ting Tings have called for the return of Top of the Pops. They are quite right, of course. As a weekly source and chronicle of mainstream contemporary music and fashion, the programme fulfilled a unique function, and should never have been axed in the first place. The Ting Tings' comments echo those of Culture Secretary Andy Burnham earlier this month - although with the current climate at the BBC, if it were brought back it would probably come from Glasgow which wouldn't quite be right; top programmes should come from London, because it is the centre of where things are happening.

Maybe the Ting Tings will at least get their chance on the Christmas edition of the show this year.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blue Peter out of tune

Congrtaulations to Blue Peter on reaching its 50th birthday. There are lots of celebratory shows and features this month to celebrate, and rightly so. And the new female presenter isn't bad either! But Mikey has noticed that the rearrrangement of the theme music ("Barnacle Bill") is, er, actually a different tune altogether! See here for the full story.